Types of Physiotherapy Available

We have a full suite of physiotherapy available to help you meet and exceed your goals.


The staff at Innova Pain Clinic understand that your chronic pain condition will take more than just a quick 2 minute adjustment session. Here is a short line up of what you can expect.



Ultrasound is a high frequency sound wave that is applied into the tissues of an injured area.  It can help reduce swelling, improve metabolism and speed up the healing process.  A gel is applied to the skin to couple or ‘link’ the applicator head to the body part.  Unlike diagnostic ultrasound, we are not reading the sound waves to put together an image of the injury.  This ultrasound is therapeutic.


Electrical Muscle Stim

We have several types of EMS available to meet your exact need.  EMS is applied to the skin using small sticky pads.  A mild electrical current is passed through the tissues.  It feels like a very mild tingling.  This therapy will cause the muscles to contract, which will help to reduce congestion, edema, and muscle spasm.  It also stimulates the brain to produce endorphins and enkephlins which help reduce your pain sensation.  We have the following EMS therapies available:

  • Interferential
  • Low-Volt EMS
  • High-Volt EMS
  • RussianStim
  • Direct Current
  • Biphasic



KT-taping or Kinesiotaping has been under development for about 30 years.  It is commonly used on arms and legs to help an injuries heal faster.  The flexible tape is applied in a specific patterns to support weakened structures.  The tape can be left on for several days in a row.  This procedure can dramatically reduce the healing time on sports injuries.



For certain types of chronic low back pain, such as disc injury or arthritis, it is often helpful to apply some stretch (traction) to the area.  We have a special table which will apply the right amount of stretch to an achy back.  The stretch is controlled and monitored by our chiropractic physician.  Some other offices will strap a patient in to a machine and walk away, hoping the machine doesn’t break down in the process.  Not us, we control the stretch and our hands are on you the entire time.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

Damaged joints and ligaments can cause interference with the body’s balance mechanisms.  We have protocols to help the body heal these nerves to help restore your balance, and proper coordinated movements.  Our protocols involve special stretches and contractions of an injured muscle.

Massage Therapy

We all know how nice a massage feels, but in addition to feeling great, they are can be very therapeutic. We have massage therapists in house who can provide expert therapeutic massage for you injury. They are skilled in several forms of massage therapy and have extended evening hours as well as weekend hours.

Will You Have To Come Back?

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