Types of Chiropractic Manipulation at Innova Pain Clinic

Within the world of chiropractic medicine, there are a number of techniques used to accomplish joint mobilization. Each chiropractor further refines those techniques to tailor fit each patient's specific needs.


At Innova Pain Clinic, Dr. Andrew White utilizes two main manipulative techniques; Activator and Diversified.


Activator Technique

Activator Methods utilizes a small hand-held device which applies a specific and directed force into the joints.  The force is controlled and measured.  The device makes a click sound when it is operated.  Some people think it sounds like a staple gun.  It is very safe and very effective.  This technique is commonly used on small children with small joints, and the elderly who have reduced range of motion or weakened bone from osteoporosis.   Sometimes, certain arm movements are used to stress test certain nerves in order to help identify joints that are not moving correctly.

Here is a nice video describing how chiropractic services were added to the VA and it profiles the use of the Activator Instrument.  You get to see it in action




Diversified Technique

When ‘old-school’ patients talk about chiropractic, they often describe the aggressive manual therapy that involves twisting and cracking the joints.  Although it might sound and look a bit scary, it is safe and effective.  One of the most common set of manual techniques used by chiropractors is a method known as Diversified.  It involves placing the body into special positions and applying a directed force into the joints in order to gain a mechanic advantage.

There can be a popping sound, or cavitation, from the joint doing the procedure.  It is generally, non-tender and well tolerated by the young and old alike.

What Types of Therapy Will You Receive?

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