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Low Back Pain Relief With Chiropactic

Chiropractic care provides help to reduce muscle spasms and reduce pain. How does this work? Great question. At Innova Pain Clinic, we love explaining how chiropractic manual medicine is able to help reduce chronic low back pain. It is difficult to explain in a blog entry, but I will give you the highlights. If you […]

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Chronic low back pain is a real disease

In our western model of medicine where disease ‘ABC’ needs pill ‘XYZ’, it is hard to understand that there is not a pill to treat chronic pain. I frequently have patients ask what they can do for the pain. Some times the answer is ‘nothing but enter a coma.” However, we live in the real […]

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Ignoring whiplash is a costly mistake

Whiplash injuries suffered from an auto accident can show up immediately or can take some time to become apparent. I have seen many patients with chronic neck pain years following their untreated whiplash injury. Commonly the patient will say something like, “I had a car crash 2 years ago. I felt fine at the time […]

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