Neck Pain Treatment

You can expect prompt relief from your neck pain with chiropractic care from Dr. Andrew White. The Innova Pain Clinic focuses on acute and chronic pain.

Neck Pain Chiropractor Treatment St George UT

Dr. Andrew White, St George UT neck pain management chiropractor, has been successfully treating neck pain since 1995.

There are several causes of neck pain. In more severe cases, there can be pinched nerves which cause pain or numbness into the arms or hands. Some of the common causes for neck pain include:

Pinched Nerve
Facet Joint Swelling
Muscle Spasm
Ligament Injury (from whiplash or trauma)

With so many different causes of neck pain, there is no singular treatment to fix them all.  That is why it is so important to be examined by a chiropractic physician.  Dr. Andrew White will examine your neck and determine which structures are malfunctioning then formulate a chiropractic treatment plan tailored to your exact condition

Most treatment plans include physiotherapy to reduce muscle spasm and swelling, muscle stretch and strengthening to improve long term recovery, and chiropractic manipulation to improve joint mechanics.  Dr. Andrew White has been successfully treating neck pain with chiropractic protocols since 1995.
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