Facet Syndrome

Causes sharp, stabbing pain in the low back, usually along the belt-line.

Lumbar Facet Syndrome is one of the more common conditions we see in our St George pain clinic. It can affect anyone at any age, although it is more common in people between the ages of 25-50.

This condition can present with a sharp pain, usually local and non-radiating. It is often right at the belt-line and just off the center of the spine. It can be constant and unrelenting. Patients report having severe pain when moving quickly or walking.

Facet Syndrome St George chiropractor

Dr. Andrew White has been sucessfully treating Lumbar Facet Syndrome since 1995. He has specific protocols to maximize healing and speed recovery.

The injury stems from swelling along a structure called the zygapopheseal joint. The injury usually shows up after physical activity. Unlike a disc-herniation, a facet syndrome does not create a permanent injury or scar.

There are many structures in the lower back that can generate pain. If you are experiencing lower back pain, and you suspect it is facet syndrome, you should consult a doctor who specializes in this type of pain. Dr. Andrew White of the Innova Pain Clinic in St George UT, is one such doctor. As a chiropractic physician, he has specific training in the proper diagnosis and treatment for lower back pain.

If you are concerned about lower back pain and want to avoid costly pain medications (with their nasty side effects), consult with Dr. Andrew White and see what can be done for your lower back pain.

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