Disc Injury Relief

Low back pain St George UT

Dr. Andrew White has been successfully treating disc injuries since 1995.

Between the bones of the spine, there is a flexible cushion which slowly degrades as we age. This ‘disc’ can also be injured from trauma or sedentary lifestyles. Once injured, the disc produces pain generating nerve signals.


As the disc degenerates, it slowly loses height. This can cause compression of the nerves, and damage to the small joints which direct motion for the spine. Calcium is also deposited in tissues neighboring the disc.

In a disc herniation, the central material of the disc is extruded through a weakened section of the disc’s outer wall. This extruded material can interfere with the spinal cord, causing pain or numbness into the low back, and legs.

Chiropractic treatment for disc injuries focus on restoring motion to the disc in order to slow the degeneration, reducing swelling and inflammation to reduce pain, and improving joint mobilization of the neighboring facet joints.  Dr. Andrew White, from the Innova Pain Clinic in St George UT, specializes in pain syndromes of the spine, such as disc injury.  He has specific chiropractic treatment protocols which he has been using and refining since 1995.  These enhanced treatment protocols can only be found at the Innova Pain Clinic in St George UT.

If you think you might be suffering from a disc injury, either disc herniation or degenerative disc disease, contact Dr. Andrew White and see how he can help you reduce your pain and get your life back.

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