Migraine Relief

The exact causes of migraines are unknown, although they are related to blood vessel contractions of the brain.


Headache treatment | St George UT

Dr. Andrew White specializes in treating headaches in St George UT. He has been successfully treating headaches using specific chiropractic protocols since 1995.

These types of headaches respond positively to chiropractic care.  By reducing nerve irritation in the spine a chiropractor can help reduce the nerve reflex-spasm in the blood vessels.  Migraine pain is often described as pounding, throbbing pain. They can last from four hours to three days and usually occur one to four times per month. Migraines are associated with symptoms such as sensitivity to light, noise, or odors; nausea or vomiting; loss of appetite; and stomach upset or abdominal pain. When a child is having a migraine they often look pale, feel dizzy, have blurred vision, fever, stomach upset, in addition to having the above listed symptoms.

A small percentage of pediatric migraines include recurrent (cyclic) gastrointestinal symptoms, in which vomiting is most common. Cyclic vomiting means that the symptoms occur on a regular basis — about once a month. These types of migraines are sometimes called abdominal migraines.

Using specific protocols that have been developed over years of clinical research and practical application, Dr. Andrew White will design a treatment plan to help you get you relief from your migraine headache.  The treatment plan will probably include physiotherapy to reduce swelling of the soft tissues in the upper cervical spine, muscle balancing and stretching to reduce nerve irritation, and gentle joint mobilization to improve small joint biomechanics.

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