Custom Foot and Ankle Orthotics

Custom orthotics are often the most cost efficient way to correct foot and ankle problems.

Why Custom Made Orthotics

Custom orthotics St George UTCustom foot orthotics are highly specialized medical devices that are made specifically to support the misalignment of your feet. You slip them into your shoes and wear them while performing most of your regular activities. Orthotics allow the joints and bones of the foot to be in a more stable position while standing and in motion.

Orthotics are used to treat and prevent injury-causing motions such as excessive pronation (inward roll of the foot) and supination (outward roll of the foot) and make standing, walking and running more comfortable and effective.  Orthotics designed at our St George UT office are designed to stabilize the weight bearing joints of the legs (foot, ankle, knee, and hip), pelvis, and lower back.    They redistribute pressure to alleviate pain in the pelvis and lower back.


Get Custom Made Orthotics at Innova Pain Clinic

Orthotics to help low back pain St George UTDr. Andrew White has been designing and custom fitting orthotics since 1995.  The focus of our orthotics division at the Innova Pain Clinic is to improve the biomechanics of the weight bearing joints, beginning with the foot and ankle.  Custom orthotics balance and redistribute weight and load to a more perfect and natural posture, thus reducing stress, strain, inflammation and pain.

The Four Steps to Custom Orthotics

  1. Foot and gait exam. Your custom orthotics begins with a bio-mechanical exam of your foot and a gait analysis. Dr. Andrew White will evaluate and diagnose your foot biomechanics and determine the cause of the pain/symptoms you are experiencing.
  2. Casting your feet. After corrective manipulation, Dr. White will take a plaster cast of your foot in a perfected posture. This captures the foot in its optimal neutral position with joints aligned correctly. The casts and a prescription are then sent to a professional certified lab that manufactures orthotics.
  3. Making the orthotics. Highly skilled technicians at the laboratory use the mold of your foot and the chiropractor’s prescription to make orthotics that are built specifically to support the misalignment of your feet and ankles.
  4. Ensuring fit and comfort. Once your orthotics are ready we will contact you to arrange an orthotics-fitting appointment with Dr. White. You will try on your new orthotics in the clinic, and Dr. White will ensure they fit correctly and are comfortable.

Custom plaster cast orthotic St George UT

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