Chiropractic to Improve Arthritis

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Chiropractic care is safe and effective for reducing arthritis pain today, but can also slow down the progression of the disease.

Remember that arthritis is not a light switch, either off or on.  It is a slow progressive process that gets worse over time.  There are things that we can do hasten the progress.  That is to say, make it get worse faster.  We know that sedentary lifestyles, and high fat diets make arthritis grow faster.  We also know that regular exercise, proper diet, and regular routine chiropractic care can slow down the growth of arthritis.

We all get older, we all suffer the aches and pains of age.  But we all have the opportunity to slow down the aging process.  We can make our bodies last longer.  The key factors are not a mystery to anyone.  Eat better, exercise more, and seek proper preventative check-ups (annual medical exam, semi-annual dental exam, monthly chiropractic exam).

Rusty Hinge

Arthritis is like the rust on this hinge. It grew slowly over-time. Neglect was the key factor. Do not neglect your spine — don’t allow it to corrode with arthritis.

The next time you hear a squeaky hinge or see rusty iron.  Remember that the object didn’t get that way over-night.  That degenerative process was slow growing and out of neglect it was allowed to continue.  Simply rubbing oil onto the hinge or iron would have saved it.  What simple thing are you ignoring?  What body hinges are you allowing to rust?

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Dr. Andrew White | St George Chiropractor

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