Tips on Super Exercises

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Exercise is something we know we are supposed to be doing– just like seeing the dentist twice a year and your chiropractor every month. Our perfect St George UT weather allows us to stay active all year. Many chronic pains and diseases are best treated with a program that includes exercise. Here are a few tips on making your exercise program more friendly.

1) Schedule your workouts. You know you won’t find time to exercise. You have to carve it out of the day. Schedule it. This is your health we are talking about.

2) Keep on track. Soon you will have some schedule conflicts and you will feel that you need to skip a workout. Use your conflicts to reinforce your commitment to health, and keep that work-out appointment. You will feel more invigorated after your workout and you won’t have guilt for skipping out on your personal health-program.

3) Take hydration breaks. Don’t forget to take a break or two during your workout to rehydrate. Taking a 3 minute breather during your workout to rehydrate gives your muscles a chance to recover and exchange blood. This helps to avoid muscle cramping and next-day soreness.

4) Spice it up. Avoid boredom and monotony in your routine. Trade-out old exercises for new ones. Work different muscle groups in new ways to keep things fresh and innovative.

5) Lean on me. Many people find they have better results if they have an exercise partner. Your partner can help keep you motivated. Try working-out with a spouse, co-worker, or friend.

6) Be patient. Health and wellness is a path, not a destination. As long as you are on the path and moving forward, you are doing the right thing. Try not to get discouraged because you can’t seem to lose that last 20 pounds. Just be faithful to your program and stick to your schedule. Some of the benefits won’t be seeing for years. Remember, many chronic diseases are best treated with exercise.

As your St George family chiropractor, I will work with you on planning your exercise routine and demonstrating specific stretches to help you achieve your goals.

Dr. Andrew White | St George Chiropractor

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