Migraine Headaches and Depression Linked

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Study supports what clinicians have long believed: migraines and depression are linked.

Women who suffer from migraines are 40% more likely to develop depression.  Another reason why it is so important to see your chiropractor for migraine headache treatment.   The study was presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting in April 2012.  About 29.5 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches and 75% of them are women.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston conducted the study.  The lead researcher was Dr. Tobias Kurth.  He analyzed data on over 36,000 women who were already enrolled in a different women’s health study.  None had depression at the start of the study, while 6,456 were either currently experiencing or had a history of migraines.

Over an average of 14 years of follow-up, 3,971 women developed depression. Women who had ever had a migraine were 36% more likely to become depressed than women who had no migraine history. Women who had suffered migraines in the past, but in the previous year, were 41% more likely.

Migraine treatment needs to focus on identifying triggers and removing the nervous system stresses which can promote migraine.  Chiropractic care has shown to be effective is reducing migraine pain.  If you suffer from migraines, you owe yourself a visit to a chiropractor who focuses on pain syndromes such as migraine.

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