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Southern Utah and Washington County UT have down to earth, wholesome people. We understand what feels right and what smells fishy. We know that if we have a Common Cold, we take chicken soup. We know that if we have a Back Pain, see a chiropractor. If you sprain your ankle, put ice on it. We don’t always need research and science to tell us what we already know to be true.  But then there are days like today, when we love to be vindicated by science.

A research article was published that looked at the scientific effect of massage therapy on muscle tissue.  Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, a researcher at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, proved that the effect of massage is much more than fluff and buff.  His research team showed that there were gene expressions and protein synthesis related to post exercise massage therapy.  Those proteins aided in the recovery of the muscle tissue.   It is great news.

Before this study was published, we felt that massage was beneficial and today we can prove why it is.  Think about how that works with chiropractic care.  We have loads of research that shows how chiropractors can help with neck pain, headaches, and whiplash.  Still, though, despite all that literature, we still have old-school medical doctors who refuse to make referrals to chiropractors.  That just seems odd.  I hope this new literature can help boost consumer confidence and medical confidence in manual therapy (massage and chiropractic).  With a great deal of luck and consumer pressure, maybe we can get insurance companies to pay for it.

If you are looking for a chiropractor in St George UT that makes regular referrals to massage therapists, look no further.  I am a huge fan of massage therapy and I recommend it to my patients.  I often make specific recommendations to my patients based on their specific needs.  This chiropractic office has a network of independent massage therapists each with specific skill sets and areas of clinical interest.

If you are a St George massage therapist looking to be included in our referral network, please stop by our office and introduce yourself.

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