Whiplash in Action

St George Chiropractor

The time it takes to suffer a whiplash injury is measured in milliseconds.  A whiplash injury, it takes about 300 milliseconds. By comparison, to blink your eye, it will take about 300 milliseconds.

0 Milliseconds

  • Rear of car begins to crush.
  • Occupants remains stationary.
  • No occupant forces.

100 Milliseconds

  • Car seat accelerates forward and pushes into occupant’s thoracic and lumbar spine.
  • The torso begins to move forward while the lumbar spine undergoes long axis distraction.
  • Head remains stationary due to inertia.

150 Milliseconds

  • The car seat pushes into the torso.
  • Lower neck curve is flattened and pulled into an S-curve.
  • The head rotates and extends rapidly rearward hyper-extending the neck.

175 Milliseconds

  • Head and upper neck continue to move backwards.
  • Car seat begins to rebound and spring forward.
  • The thoracic spine is again accelerated forward.
  • The head rotation is increased and is fully extended.

300 Milliseconds

  • Head and torso are accelerated forward ahead of the car seat
  • Neck is “whipped” forward rotating and hyper-flexing the neck forward

Our staff is specially trained in managing whiplash injuries.  Dr. White has been treating whiplash injuries since 1995.


Featured image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net and sephirot17

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