Research Proves Chiropractic Helps Migraines

Clinical Trial at Macquarie University

A research project headed by Dr. Peter Tuchin at Macquarie University examined the effectiveness of chiropractic care in treating migraine headaches.  The study had fair number of participants, about 130.  They were studied over a 6 month period of time.  The participants kept a migraine diary for 6 months; two months prior to the start of treatment, two months during the treatment time, and two months following the end of treatment.  The participants logged and rated their headaches in terms of Frequency, Duration, and Intensity.

Noticeable improvement seen in 50% of cases.

Following the two month treatment time, the chiropractic treatment group had improved measures.  These improvements persisted during the treatment time and the two months following the treatment time.  There was a noticeable in 50% of the migraine sufferers.

Substantial improvement in 22% of cases

In 22% of the cases, there were substantial improvements in the outcome measures as recorded in the personal migraine diaries.   This is a significant finding since there are so many causes of migraines.  For the chiropractic group to show improvement in 22% of the cases demonstrates multiform mechanism of action involving the cervical spine.

Compare Apples to Apples

These results are not saying that chiropractic was better than the electrical muscle stim.  That would be comparing apples to oranges.  This study looked at the chiropractic group before and after their chiropractic treatments.  The measurement tool was the personal migraine logs kept by the study participants.  Even two months after the treatment time, the chiropractic group was still showing improvements.

The research team pointed out that migraine sufferers still need to keep their medications on hand and use a multifaceted approach to treating their migraines.  Adding chiropractic care to their treatment plan can reduce the medications and improve their outcome.  This can make a dramatic change in how migraine sufferers use their medications.  Medications are so expensive and have side-effects, including rebound-headaches.  Any reduction in their use is seen as positive.

Migraine headaches are a major component of our St George UT chiropractic practice.  We have specific migraine protocols that focus on reducing the nerve stresses which lead to migraine pain.  Call our office to schedule a consultation (435) 652-4322
Dr. Andrew White | St George Chiropractor

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