Converting White Fat to Brown

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Another great reason to see your chiropractor to get your kinks worked out so you can get on an exercise program.

Harvard University is studying an exercise hormone and it’s role in converting white fat to brown fat.  The hormone is released during exercise and seems to play a role in converting special types of fat cells.

White fat is primarily used for food storage.  It’s the fat we often think about when we are overweight.  Brown fat used to be called baby-fat, and it is involved in producing body heat– it gets burned to keep our temperature up.

Researchers have found that the hormone irisn becomes elevated during exercise–which aids in the fat conversion.  They have also found that at-risk mice had improved outcomes and decreased risks for developing type 2 diabetes.

The research is ongoing but the work seems to confirm what exercise physiologists have been preaching for years, regular exercise reduces risks of diabetes and improve metabolism.

We have also found that exercising daily for 30 minutes has a greater impact on long-term health than a 2 hour workout once per week.  Daily, regular exercise drives these hormones.  That is why regular exercise is so critical in weight management binge exercising does not ramp up the enzyme and hormone pathways.

Feel free to call our office for a consultation.  We can look at the weak spots in the spine and joints and make recommendations to get them stronger.

Dr. Andrew White | St George Chiropractor

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