CA Granted $$ to Curb Opioid Overdoses

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In September of 2015, the state of California was granted $3.7 million to prevent overdoses of opioid medications (like hydrocodone, Oxycontin). Overdose of this class of drug is a serious concern. In 2013, there were an estimated 4,300 deaths from the legitimate of the drugs.
These funds are supposed to be used in ‘safe prescribing techniques’ and patient education resources. On paper, that seems to make sense: Let’s warn the people of the dangers of the medication so they don’t accidentally take it incorrectly and die.  The problem is with foundation and use of the medications.  They are supposed to be used for acute, short-term pain, but instead, doctors are prescribing them for chronic, long-term pain.

Opioid (narcotic) medications serve as a gateway drug to heroin.

Opioid (narcotic) medications serve as a gateway drug to heroin. Featured image courtesy of and jscreationzs

Sadly, too many people end up switching from doctor-prescribed medications to heroin because heroin is easier to find and cheaper to buy.

I could think of better ways to spend the $3.7 million.  How about educating medical doctors on the benefits safe and effective chiropractic techniques?  There is a mountain of research which clearly shows that appropriate, main-stream chiropractic care is superior to medication in managing acute and chronic pain.

I recognize that there are some shady chiropractors out there selling snake-oils and other things which more closely resemble quackery.  But there are legitimate, respected, research-based chiropractors helping people.  It is not hard to find a good chiropractor.  Check online reviews and read what the public has written about the local chiropractors.

The best way to reduce opioid overdose is to reduce their use.  The best way to reduce their use is to provide alternatives for the people who are providing the prescriptions.   Let’s see more people leaving the medical doctor’s office and heading to the chiropractor instead of the pharmacy.  When we start seeing that trend, then we will see the abuse, and overdose of opioids drop.

Dr. Andrew White | St George Chiropractor
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