Dancers & Chiropractic to Maintain Skills


Proprioception is the term to describe your body’s balance and orientation awareness mechanism. Special nerves in the joints and ligaments tell the brain where the body parts are positioned in space, and if those parts are in motion. Those nerves travel through the spine.

If subluxation is present in the spine, then the signals can be perturbed, leading to diminished function. The diminished nerve function can occur even in the absence of pain or deformity.

The young man is DuShaunt “Fikshun” Stegall, and was a street performer in Las Vegas. After reaching fame on So You Think You Can Dance, he began touring and teaching. He has amazing proprioception. I’d like to know how often he sees his chiropractor in order to maintain that ability. If he ever visits St George UT and needs a chiropractor, I’ll do the work pro bono.

Note: The original dance post can be seen at but the banner ads YT inserted kept blocking the content. The video above is a repost from another YT account.

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