Another study proving chiropractic works for back pain

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“Is this going to help?”  We all ask the question when it comes to a treatment for our pain.  I am happy to report to my patients that my approach to chiropractic care works.  Of course, I can offer plenty of anecdotal evidence of individuals and how they felt immediate improvement.

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Dr. Andrew White is an expert when it comes to diagnosis and treatment of chiropractic conditions of the spine. Practicing since 1995, he has developed specialized techniques to speed your recovery and maximize your pain relief.

One more study was added to the large list proving that chiropractic manipulation works for treating back pain, and sciatica.  The study was published in the prestigious medical journal Spine (2006 Mar-Apr; 6(2):131-7.  Epub 2006 Feb 3)The study looked at the long and short term effects of manipulation on back pain, specifically sciatica with disc protrusion.  102 patients were randomly placed into treatment groups.  This particular study was double-blinded, which is the best way to conduct a study to make sure there is no examiner effect or influence on the study.  One group received manipulation from a chiropractor while the other group had a sham treatment.

The results showed that the manipulation group showed improvements in several areas, including: pain-free days, reduced medication use, and reduced pain scores on days they had pain.

In this study, just the manipulation was used.  In our office we use adjunctive therapy in addition to the manipulations.  We offer physiotherapy like ultrasound, electrical muscle stim, flexion-distraction, and muscle rehab.  We know that each one of those things can help.  In our office, we apply each technique to maximize your recovery.  We also have on-site digital x-ray to help determine your exact diagnosis.  We take your pain seriously. If you have questions about back pain, ask the experts at Innova Pain Clinic

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