Widespread body pain after a whiplash? Really?

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Absolutely! It is common to have widespread body pain after a whiplash. The condition is called Whiplash Associated Disorder. There is a growing body of evidence in medical journals to support this diagnosis.

Many people think that only the neck can get injured in a car crash.  But science is proving otherwise.  The forces on the body during a collision can damage more than just the neck.

Dr Robert Ferrari, a research scientist at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, has published studies on the subject.  “Our findings indicate that the early symptoms experienced by whiplash patients go far beyond neck pain.  These patients have neck pain, certainly, but more than half also have significant headaches, low back pain, and pain in other parts of their body. In addition, many experience dizziness, nausea, ringing in the ears, jaw pain, fatigue, numbness, and many other diffuse symptoms,” Dr. Ferrari tells rheumawire .

The image below details some of the pain associated with Whiplash Associated Disorder.  Note that low back pain is present in about 60% of the victims.

Whiplash Pain St George

Whiplash Associated Disorder is more than just neck pain. There is widespread pain in the body.

The researchers goes on to recommend a better course of treatment for whiplash associated disorder. In fact, they recommend the treatment goals used in our office. Dr. Ferrari suggests “using function rather than pain relief as an end point.” Functional assessment is a pillar of our treatment protocols. Our office will not only address reducing pain from the injury but also improving function and activity of daily living.

The Innova Pain Clinic has a special interest in dealing with spinal trauma, such as whiplash.   If you, or someone you know, has been injured in a car crash, please call (435) 652-4322 to schedule a no-cost consultation.

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