Chiropractic Is Best Option In Work Injury

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When a worker is injured on the job. There are a number of concerns for that worker. Chief ought to be whether or not the injury will create loss time from work, or even worse, disability.

Expenses related to work injuries top $155 billion annually.  That represents about 3% of our GDP.   When one considers how to reduce the costs and the disability related to work injuries, all options are on the table.  We need to reduce the injury rate, certainly.  But accidents do happen even when the best prevention is fully in-place.  When an injury does occur, the injured worker needs to be taken to the best source for evaluation and treatment.  When considering the effect and cost of long term disability the provider that can provide the best outcome ought to be top on the list.

It turns out, a chiropractor is top of the list for best outcomes.

St George Chiropractor best option in work injury

St George Chiropractor, Dr. Andrew White, is board certified to handle work related injuries. He has been successfully treating work related injuries since 1995.

A study conducted and reported in the medical journal Spine back in 2008 looked at 1,885 workers who reported claims for back injuries.  The Spine study found and reported that injured workers, whose first visit for health care was to a chiropractor, were much less likely to be disabled at one year compared to workers who first visited other providers such as a primary care physicians, occupational medicine specialists, or other medical specialists

The difference came in approach.  The chiropractors tended to focus on repairing the injured tissues and getting the injured worker back to work as quickly and safely as possible.  The focus was to promote soft tissue healing and joint mobilization.   The other providers focused on pain drugs, muscle relaxers, and passive activities while the injury slowly healed itself.  At a one year follow-up the chiropractic group had a smaller rate of long term disability.

The  moral of the story?  If you are injured at work, there is a chance that your injury will create some disability and you might not be able to return to work for a while.  If you see a chiropractor first, that chance is smaller.  Chiropractic care is the best option in  most work injuries.  Certainly, an injured worker with a life-threatening, or amputation injury, or bleeding issue should be taken to the nearest Emergency Room.

St George Work Injury Chiropractor

Article Sited:  Turner, J. A., Franklin, G., Fulton-Kehoe, D., Sheppard, L., Stover, B., Wu, R., et al. (2008). ISSLS prize winner: Early predictors of work disability: A prospective, population-based study of workers with back injuries. Spine, 33(25), 2809-2818.

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