New Developments for Osteoporosis

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I review the medical journals just about every day.  This week I read an article in the International Journal of Clinical Rheumatology (6(3):325-332) that looked at the drug treatment options for osteoporosis.

Most people are familiar with the term Osteoporosis.  It is a slow process of thinning of the bone density eventually leading to weakened bone structure and increased risk of fracture.  When we hear of an elderly woman stepping off a curb and fracturing her hip, that is typically osteoporosis at work.

There are two factors at play when one considers bone density and osteoporosis;  rate of bone deposition and bone resorption.  Bone is living tissue, it responds to stress, exercise, and nutrition.  It is constantly being remodeled.  In the process of osteoporosis, that balance of new bone being laid down and old bone being recycled is tipped in the favor of recycling.  Over time, the bone density decreases.

Many of the drug therapies look at these two processes.  Some medication will slow down the bone recycling and others attempt to increase the rate of bone deposition.  In addition to the drug therapies, patients must add one more component to their treatment plan.

Bones become thinner in low gravity

Astronauts exercise in space to maintain their bone density.

One factor that is often over looked is Wolf’s Law, which generally states that bone responds to stress.  If you exercise and apply appropriate stress to bone, it responds and lays down more bone density.  Think of a runner, or waitress with dense bones in their feet and legs versus an astronaut in space.  Astronauts lose their bone density due to the lack of stress on their bones.  That is why astronauts exercise in space.

The same principles hold true for us earth-bounders.  We need to exercise to promote strong healthy bones.  It does little to no good to take an osteoporosis medication, then sit on the couch all day.  Those medications are designed to be part of an active life-style.

If your doctor has told you that you might be at risk of osteoporosis, you should seriously consider increasing your physical activity and exercise.  If you have joint pain which you feel interferes with your exercise, come see us at Innova Pain Clinic.  Our clinical focus is joint pain and spinal trauma.  Chances are, we will be able to get your joints tuned up so you can fully engage in exercise.

Medicare will cover the cost of our services and we are a participating provider with Medicare.  Some people falsely believe that their bones are too brittle to be handled by a chiropractor.  That is simply not true.  Chiropractic care is safe for all ages, including the elderly with osteoporosis.  We have specific, gentle techniques to get the job done.

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One response to “New Developments for Osteoporosis”

  1. LloydChiro says:

    It’s hard to stay motivated to stick with an exercise program when you experience pain with every move. I agree with Dr. White that chiropractic care is a valuable contributor to keeping you active. Activity creates strong bones, along with thousands of other benefits.

    Dr. Lloyd