Does chiropractic treatment help your headache?

A week ago, in the medical journal Headache, a research article concerning chiropractic was published. The results that were published seems at odds with what I have seen clinically. In the research, scientists examined 9 studies wherein chiropractic manipulation was tested to reduce headache. In 6 of the 9 studies, manipulation (chiropractic treatment) was as effective or more effective than drugs, physiotherapy, or massage. In 3 of the studies, manipulation (chiropractic treatment) was found to be as effective as the other treatments.

In the end, the guy who wrote the article felt that manipulation was not an effective treatment. What kind of math is that? In 6 of 9 studies, it was better than the competition and in the other 3 it was equal to the competition. Yet, the author of the study takes an ultra-conservative position. I guess he would need 10 out of 9 studies to show absolute supremacy over other treatment options. (Forgive the hyperbole).

In my 19+ yrs of practice, I have treated more headaches than I could remember. I have seen with my own eyes, the change of countenance on a headache sufferer after a neck adjustment. Chiropractic is incredibly effective in treating headaches.

Let’s do our own informal poll here in the comment section, or on Facebook. Write a comment below on how chiropractic manipulation helped or failed to help your headache.


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4 responses to “Does chiropractic treatment help your headache?”

  1. Dion Basquez says:

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  2. Dedra says:

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  3. Yea. What kind of crap is this? Headaches respond very well to chiropractic care. I think that researcher needs to go back and reread the articles that he gathered.

    I think it was in 1995 that they published that article talking about how chiropractic care was just as effective as amytriptoline for migraine headaches, except when you stop taking the drugs the migraines come back. With chiropractic care, the headaches stay away!


    • apwhite says:

      You are right about the amitriptyline study from the mid-90s. I was a student at Northwestern when the study was being conducted there. I know the researchers personally. Dr. Craig Nelson (the principal investigator) used to walk up and down the halls bumming cups of coffee from the other offices. He claimed it was his ‘thinking time.’ It was an exciting report, and helped to reaffirm my education and career choices.

      By all means–chiropractic can be a very effective treatment option for several headache varieties.