Shoulder Ligament Injuries

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The shoulder has great range of motion.  But in exchange for that motion, the body sacrificed a bit of stability.  Shoulder injuries are fairly common among all age groups.  The injury types tend to vary based on age, but the rate of shoulder injuries is consistent.

Two common injuries I see in my St George Chiropractic office are subacromial bursitis and acute anterior ligament injury.

subacromial bursa pain st george chiropractor

The subacromial bursa can swell and become wedged between the bones of the shoulder.

The subacromial bursa is a fluid filled sac that cushions the ball-and-socket joint of the shoulder.  Due to it’s position and structure, it is prone to compression injury.  Essentially, it can get stretched then compressed in the shoulder.  This causes a sharp pain in the front of the shoulder and can limit the movement of the shoulder.  Some people incorrectly think that a bursitis needs heat and rest.  Sadly, that is a trap for worsening the bursitis.  Since it is a problem of swelling in the joint, ice is better than heat.  Light motion is better than splinting or immobilizing the joint.  A swollen and inflamed shoulder joint can create adhesions, or micro-scars, in the bursa.  These micro-scars lead to frozen shoulder and loss of range of motion.

anterior ligament injury to the shoulder

Tight muscles on the back of the shoulder can stretch the ligaments on the front of the shoulder.

Anterior ligament injury to the shoulder can arise from improper muscle balance in the shoulder.  The anterior ligaments help to keep the ball of the shoulder in proper alignment inside the socket.  When the muscles on the back of the shoulder pull unevenly on the ball and socket, the front part of the ball is overly exposed.  This can stretch the ligaments and weaken them over time, leading to pain in the front part of the shoulder.  If left uncorrected, it can accelerate the rate of degeneration and promote arthritis.

The safest option for treating these conditions is chiropractic.  Your local, well trained doctor of chiropractic can balance the muscles and align the shoulder.  He can correct these painful conditions without the risks of surgery or potentially addictive medications.  Chiropractic is safe and effective for more than just headaches and lower back pain.


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