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I was working on a patient yesterday and she mentioned how my treatment style was so different from her last chiropractor. She has been seeing another St George chiropractor, but was referred to my office because she was not getting relief at the other office.  I asked her what was different.

“Well, you took x-rays,” she started.  “He didn’t even seem interested in x-rays.  He laid me on the table and ran a noisy popping thing along my spine and that was it.  Two minutes, I was done.  I was herded around like cattle.”  No wonder she did not get relief, the last guy was only doing half the job.

Chiropractors come in all sorts of flavors.  There are about 15 chiropractic colleges in the states and the all teach a different philosophy and approach to patient care.  I attended the prestigious Northwestern Health Science University in Minneapolis MN.  In my opinion, it is the finest chiropractic school in the land.  I was taught whole body health, wellness, and the integration of body systems. Northwestern produces the most well-rounded primary care doctors of all the chiropractic schools.  I do not know of any other St George Chiropractors who attended Northwestern.  Of the many courses and lessons that were taught in college, the one which stands out is “Treat the patient, not the disease.”

Some chiropractors are in such a rush, they forget that the painful low-back they are treating is attached to a patient.   That patient needs to be educated as well as treated.

In my office, you can expect a complete examination process, including x-ray, if prudent.  You can expect appropriate soft tissue work, physiotherapy, stretching, education, as well as a safe and effective treatment.  Office visits typically last 15-20 minutes.  There is no wham-bam-thank-you-Ma’am-adjustment.  You are a patient, not cattle.
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