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Car crashes and personal injury cases can really ruin a person’s day. I came across this device which is able to virtually guaranty safe driving habits. See a picture of the device below. I think if we all had one installed it might really reduce the number of car crashes.

If you don’t have one of these devices and you do end up in a crash, rest assured that the doctor at Innova Pain Clinic has 19 years of experience in treating personal injuries. Our staff can handle the paper-work and the billing. In most cases there is no out-of-pocket expense for the patient. Even if it were just a minor fender-bender, at least come in for an evaluation to make sure. You already have the PIP insurance coverage, might as well use it.

To stay safe, install one of these:






Safe Driving Device

Dr. Andrew White
Personal Injury Chiropractor | St George UT

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One response to “Personal Injury Preventer”

  1. Funny article, but it is true. Many accidents can be prevented by drivers being more alert. But if you are involved in an accident, no matter how small it seems, go get checked out by a chiropractor to help prevent future problems