Need a Chiropractor But Have No Insurance? No Problem.

St George Chiropractor

I am happy to take new patients who don’t have insurance.  People without insurance make great patients.  In my estimation, they tend to be a lot more careful and take fewer health risks.

The government would have us believe that that 45 million Americans are without insurance.  I think the number of people without health insurance is a lot higher than that.  I have been practicing about 18 yrs and if you exclude the elderly (who have Medicare), I have seen a lot more people without insurance than those who do have some.  Even with insurance many people have such high deductibles, it might as well be no insurance.

No one knows what the eventual fate of Obamacare will be, but in the mean time, I am still taking new patients — with and with out insurance.

Featured image courtesy of and Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee


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