Carpal Tunnel and Chiropractic

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Imagine you are driving down the 4 lane highway during rush hour at 65 mph and suddenly the 4 lanes of traffic turn into 1 lane. All those cars must merge into that one crowded lane. There will be a lot of congestion, exhaust fumes, and overheated tempers. This is what happens in your wrist in carpal tunnel syndrome;  all that traffic is getting squeezed.

There are about 9 tendons and the large median nerve that all must ‘merge lanes’ to make it into that cramped carpal tunnel at your wrist. Generally, there are no problems with the merging. But with heavy traffic flow, or heavy work load for the tendons and muscles (such as typing or writing), there will be some congestion and abrasion of the tissues of the wrist. This can lead to irritation of the median nerve creating carpal tunnel syndrome.

Median nerve irritation can make the thumb side of the hand ache, feel numb, or fall asleep. Often, people shake their hands or rub them to wake them back up.

There are some home therapies and safe treatments available.

  1. Take small (1 minute) breaks every 30 minutes to rest and stretch the hand and wrist tendons, especially the flexor tendons on the underside of the forearm.
  2. Seek chiropractic intervention early. Chiropractors are specially trained to mobilize the small bones of the wrist to open up that carpal tunnel and free up some room for tendons and nerve. Pain medication does not solve the problem, it only hides it.
  3. Strengthen the hand and wrist with putty or therapy bands.
  4. Wear a splint at night to help reduce hyper-flexion of the wrist. The splint is called a cock-up.

Remember to see a chiropractor right away. Think about it this way: What do chiropractors do all day? We use our hands and push/pull. Our hands and wrists take a lot of abuse. Our hands are our living. Chiropractors know how to take care of hands and wrists.

Call Dr. Andrew White of the Innova Pain Clinic in St George UT if you are experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome and need immediate results. (435) 652-4322

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