See a Chiropractor After an Auto Injury

Thankfully, the state of Utah has PIP, or Personal Injury Protection.   That is an excellent benefit on your car insurance.  PIP protects you  in case you are ever injured during the maintenance or operation of your  vehicle.  That means that (up to a certain dollar limit) all your  chiropractic expenses are covered.  This is an excellent benefit because  it protects you against expensive bills if the other guy does not have  insurance.

Whiplash x-ray

Compare a normal (left) neck x-ray with the whiplsh neck (right). The person on the right suffered a whiplash injury and never saw a chiropractor to get it corrected. Note the chronic injury to the discs and joints.

You don’t have to be in a multi-car pile up to use your PIP.  If you  are injured while operating your vehicle, you are still protected, no  matter how many vehicles are involved or whomever was at fault.

The PIP is already in place for your long term protection.  You already  have the coverage, use it.  There are many chronic spine and soft  tissue injuries that can be helped with prompt chiropractic management.   Most of those injuries won’t even show up until a few weeks after the crash.  Do not delay, visit your chiropractic doctor today.

The PIP minimum is $3,000.  But you can ask your insurance agent to increase it.  It’s a pretty good idea to do so.  For most of us, the riskiest thing we do in life is drive.  The cheapest insurance you can buy to cover that risk is PIP.  I recommend you increase your PIP to at least $10,000.  That level of protection will cost about $7 per year.  That is an amazingly good bargain.

If you have been injured in your car (passenger or driver), please call  us and let us explain how your expenses can be covered.  Our  office has 18 years of experience in dealing with insurance companies.   In almost all cases, the patient never pays out of pocket.


Dr. Andrew White
Whiplash and Spinal Trauma Chiropractor St George Utah

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