Radicular Nerve Pain

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When nerves get irritated or pinched, those nerves can radiate pain.  The pain can be felt far from the source of pain.  A nerve can be pinched as it exits the spine, and the pain can be felt down the arm and into the hand.  This process is called Radicular Nerve Pain.  A good St George chiropractor is able to help you with your radicular pain.

Sciatica Nerve St George

Sciatica is an example of radicular pain. At Innova Pain Clinic, fixing sciatica is our daily bread and butter.


Soft tissue injuries can lead to nerve irritation

Soft tissues, like ligaments and muscles, can cause swelling and inflammation around the nerve root.  The inflammation can disrupt the normal chemical functions of the nerve.  This leads to altered nerve function, like numbness, tingling, and radicular pain.   If left uncorrected, the nerve irritation can lea lead to a number of conditions such as sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, low-back pain, and shoulder pain.


Muscle relaxers do not help radicuar pain.

The key to treating radicular pain is to identify  its source of the nerve irritation in the spine.  Some people chase the symptoms by taking muscle relaxers instead of correcting the soft tissue injury.  The soft tissues can be injured through many actions, including car crashes, work injuries, and poor posture.  Muscle relaxers do not help radicuar pain.

TOS is an example of radicular pain in the neck.

Several scientific research papers have demonstrated that chiropractic care, like the treatments at Innova Pain Clinic in St George UT,  can help alleviate radicular pain.


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