Immediate Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash Supported by Research

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Seek Chiropractic Care for Your Whiplash Immediately

When you have experienced a car crash, you may have suffered a whiplash injury.  But the signs and symptoms of the Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD) may not show up immediately.  So how long should you wait before you seek treatment? You might be tempted to wait a week and see if you feel any better.  But scientific research has shown that seeking immediate chiropractic care helps to improve your long-term status and decreases the risk of long-term injury by reducing scar tissue formation.


Scar Tissues Begins Right Away

Whiplash x-ray

Compare a normal (left) neck x-ray with the whiplsh neck (right). The person on the right suffered a whiplash injury and never saw a chiropractor to get it corrected. Note the chronic injury to the discs and joints. (You can click on the image for a larger view.)

During a collision the soft tissues of the neck are stretched and injured.  You may not feel the inflammation reaction or the pain immediately, but your body is already starting the healing process within a few hours.  That healing process, if not monitored and guided, can create excessive of scar tissue formation. The scar tissue can significantly reduce your range of motion which is difficult to recapture once you’re injury is fully healed.  The small joints in the neck become tight, making it difficult to turn your neck properly.  This reduced motion of the joint surfaces will precipitate early degenerative changes on the joint surface by reducing the flow of the nutrient solution, called synovial fluid, inside the joint.  Basically, as the joint reduces the production of synovial fluid the cartilage essentially begins to starve and die.  This is the onset of arthritis.  By maintaining proper motion of the joint, the surfaces of the joints are continually bathed in the nutrient solution, so the cells inside the joint stay alive and healthy.


Early Intervention Reduced Pain Better

Getting early chiropractic treatment can help reduce this early scar tissue formation thus improving your long-term health. kept these conclusions were supported by medical researchers and their work was published in the highly respected orthopedic journal Spine.  Essentially the researchers found that active treatment reduced the whiplash pain more than the standard treatment which included monitoring and pain medication.  Research also showed that early intervention showed more promising results then later intervention.

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