Dynamic Treatment Options for Neck Pain

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Neck Pain and Whiplash injuries need tailored treatment plans. All too often I hear patients tell me that they went to see a chiropractor for neck pain and there was little, if any, relief. The next part of the conversation goes something like this:

  • Me: “What did he do?” (I know, I am generalizing the gender of the chiropractor when I ask the question that way.)
  • Patient: “You know. He adjusted me.”
  • Me: “How did he adjust you? Were you seated, or laying down? Did he use his hands or an instrument? Did he use any sort of therapy first to loosen you up?”
  • Patient: “um…”

About this time, the patient looks up to the right and tries to recall the scene. Then the patient tells me of some lightning fast treatment that took, at most 2 minutes, and it was the same thing every time the patient was seen. I usually ask about follow-up examinations, x-rays, or range of motion tests. That’s when I get a blank stare. No wonder the patient did not improve. The chiropractor was doing the exact same thing each time.

Injuries are fluid and dynamic. They need to be re-evaluated periodically. Different types of treatments are applied at different stages of the healing process.

Every month, new studies are being published on how to improve outcomes and help patients to feel better faster. You want a chiropractor who is keep up on the latest research and is adding new therapy options to his practice. I am committed to improving my skills and knowledge base. That is why I regularly read the medical journals and follow the new recommendations

no cookie cutter adjustments

No cookie cutter adjustments for your whiplash injury. Your treatment plan is designed specifically for you.

There are no ‘cookie-cutter’ treatments in my office. On each visit, you will be assessed and evaluated before the treatments are applied. You may find that the treatment modalities may change from visit to visit. The manipulation techniques change based on your clinical presentation for that day. In essence, I tailor the treatments for each patient on each visit. That sort of attention to detail takes time and energy, and I am fully committed it.

Dr. Andrew White

Whiplash Chiropractic Physician

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