Failed Back Surgery Syndrome in St George

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Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is a common condition seen in St George. Disc injuries increase with age, and with our strong retirement population, we tend to see more than our fair share. Chiropractic can help Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is a very painful condition that is characterized by persistent back and leg pain following surgery. Several factors can lead to the development of Failed Back Surgery. Some of those factors are: residual or recurrent disc herniation, persistent post-operative pressure on a spinal nerve, altered joint mobility, joint hypermobility with instability, scar tissue (fibrosis), and spinal muscular deconditioning. The cases that our office tends to see involve post-lamenectomy pain and fibrosis. Thankfully, chiropractic care is very helpful in treating Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.

The sad part of the story is many of the cases should never have had surgery to begin with.   With the advent of MRI, patients are able to see their disc herniations in deep detail.  But the presence of a herniation does not mean that there will be pain.  About 30% of disc herniations are not symptomatic.  There have been several research studies over the years which have confirmed the numbers.   So the application is this:

Dad has back pain.  Dad gets an MRI.  The MRI shows a herniation.  Surgeon thinks the herniation is the smoking gun.  In fact, there is a 30% chance that the herniation predates Dad’s pain, and in fact, the source of Dad’s back pain is something different.  But the surgeons are good at cutting things they can see on MRI.  So Dad gets surgery on the herniation, and does not correct the original source of his pain.  That leads to persistent pain and additional pain due to fibrosis (scar tissue).


About 50% of the surgeries fail and about about 10% are made worse after the surgery.  Some things are not worth the risk.  If a person has back pain, there are lots of options before he sees the surgeon.  Surgery is an option– the dead last option.  First on the list should be a series of treatments from the chiropractor.

If you are suffering from Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.  Come to our St George Chiropractic office.  We are able to treat the underlying sources of the pain.  We help repair the soft-tissues, joint capsules, muscle balance, joint movement, and nerve irritation.



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