Scar Tissue After Whiplash

Next time you see someone rubbing their sore neck, like after a car crash, think about the tissues under the skin. There are muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and joint capsules just to name a few. Each of those structures can be injured in a car crash. They need to be treated as well. Just because the hospital said you were fine after your accident, that doesn’t mean that there was no damage. “Fine” in the ER/hospital dictionary means, “you won’t bleed to death in the next 10 minutes.”

St George Chiropractor

Scar tissue is like this chaotic web design.

Think of scar tissue as a spider-web with silky cables reaching out and attaching to your soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and joint capsules). Unlike a regular spider-web, where the silk filaments can stretch, scar tissue does not stretch well. In fact, it is contractile–it shrinks! What happens if one of those scar fibers latched onto your nerves started to shrink? It will pull and tug on that nerve. The result: never pain, numbness, weakness, pins and needle sensations.

If someone you know has been in an accident, even a minor one, they need to be evaluated by me and see how much soft tissue damage has been done. I can prescribe a therapeutic treatment plan for them which will enable to the body to recover. Almost all auto accident cases will not cost the patient any out-of-pocket expense.

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