Getting a Grip on Sciatica

St George Chiropractor

It seems like sciatica is one of most common lower back pain issues I  deal with.  I treat patients with sciatica nearly every day.  Note the  proper word choice.  I treat the patient with a disease, not the disease  which happens to have a patient attached.  So often, many doctors will  focus so much on the symptoms (like pain) that they overlook the most  important part—the patient.  In my office we treat the cause of the  complaint; we don’t chase symptoms.  By getting to the cause of the  pain, we can affect a lasting correction.

Sciatica Nerve St George

At Innova Pain Clinic, fixing sciatica is our daily bread and butter.

Sciatica can be caused my a number of different conditions, such as  disc herniation, piriformis syndrome, or lumbar plexus neuritis.  My  focus is to identify the cause, then affect a meaningful change in the  structures.  My treatments plans include reducing the swelling,  restoring proper muscle tone and balance, and restoring proper joint  mechanics.  If you suffer from sciatica, give us a try, I think you will  be pleasantly surprised at how detailed your treatment plan will be.

St George Chiropractor

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