Fibromyalgia Is Finally Getting Attention

Fibromyalgia is a common painful disease with no known exact cause.   For years it was dismissed by the mainstream medical community.  The  estimated 6 million people who suffer with the disease had to seek  alternative and complimentary treatments.  As I chiropractor I often  treat patients who suffer from the disease.  It seems that the medical  establishment is taking more frequent looks at this disease.

A recent panel of researchers from the Einstein School of Medicine  collected treatment protocols from many different medical specialties in  an attempt to further understand fibromyalgia.  They published their  findings, and although a cure is not around the corner, we have a better  idea of why it is such a complicated disease.

Remember back in high school algebra when we had to solve those complex  equations with variables, like X, Y, and Z?  Fibromyalgia is like that  only there are lots of variables, including: Stress, Deep Tissue Nerve  Sensitivity, Muscle Pain, Blood Flow to Muscles, Sleep, and Depression.   Trying to solve for only one variable simply won’t work.  Each must be  dealt with.

Chiropractic care can help address and alleviate some of the  fibromyalgia pain.  Chiropractic manipulation works to restore proper  structure and function of the muscles and joints.  This can reduce  stress on the nervous system.  If you think you suffer from  fibromyalgia, call for an appointment and we will exam you and give you  the answers you deserve.  Avoid the spiral of undiagnosed and untreated  fibromyalgia.

Dr. Andrew White
St George Chiropractor

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