Kids Seeing the Chiropractor More

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“Nice” does not sell news. The news agencies live by this motto: If it bleeds, it leads. Meaning shock-stories and threats lead the news. That is one reason why there are so few positive reports about chiropractors (or any other profession) in the news.

Here is a nice news article from a news outlet in Baton Rouge about a chiropractor treating children.

WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports

I think it is important to emphasize what the mother said. She believes in traditional medicine and her kids see a pediatrician. She adds chiropractic care to her children’s health programs. If the mom had said that she has completely eliminated the pediatrician and the children only see the chiropractor for all their healthcare needs, I would not support that position.

I have 6 children. They all have seen a pediatrician regularly. Sure, I treat my kids for various injuries, but I have my role and the pediatrician has his. Most of the time, I treat their headaches, neck pain, muscle pulls, and sprained ankles– same type of problems adults have.

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