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Heel spur pain Chiropractor St George UT

Dr. Andrew White has been successfully treating heel pain using specific, proven protocols since 1995. Let our office help you with your heel pain.

Do your first morning steps hurt?  Do you have heel pain on the bottom of your feet?  Have you been diagnosed with Calcaneal Heel Spur?  If so, our chiropractic office in St George can help.  Heel spur pain can be sharp, stabbing, and can dramatically alter your activities of daily living.  There are treatments available and our chiropractic office is here to help.

The heel spur is a calcium deposit which grows slowly on the calcaneal bone of the foot.  The calcium deposit is often the result of chronic stress and tugging from chronic plantar fasciitis.   The spur can irritate a fat-pad which protects that portion of the heel bone.

Treatment options include:

  • Custom Orthotics designed specifically for your foot, to relieve pressure from the plantar fascia.
  • Ultrasound Therapy for inflammation reduction and pain relief.
  • HVLA Correction to the foot joints to promote proper bone posture and movement.
  • Home Exercises to reduce the growth of the spur and reduce pain.

All of these treatment options are available at Innova Pain Clinic in St George UT.  We don’t just mask the pain with medication, we get to the source of the pain and correct it.

Dr. Andrew White
Heel Pain Chiropractor St George Utah

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